Jeremy Bricker

Taeksang Kim ([email protected]) (PhD student): tsunami and flood forces on hydraulic structures; scour near hydraulic structures. Videos of Taeksang’s experiments are on his YouTube site at Publications: Taeksang’s Google Scholar

Pengxu Zou (CIGLR postdoc): computational fluid dynamics and structural dynamic response of submerged floating tunnels; design of offshore wind turbines

Benjamin Nelson-Mercer (PhD student): compound flood risk, damage, countermeasures, and resulting social effects in Milwaukee WI and Berrien County MI under present and future climate scenarios. Publications: Ben’s Google Scholar

Xin Shen (PhD student): technical, economic, environmental, and social feasibility of expanding pumped hydro energy storage in the Great Lakes region to aid the renewable energy transition

Seokmin Son (PhD Student): effects of the Ike Dike (Houston/Galveston coastal spine and storm surge barrier) and its reliability on hurricane storm surge risk, damage, and property values under present and future climate scenarios

Chaoran Xu (visiting from East China Normal University): generation of building damage functions during Hurricane Ike using hydrodynamic simulations and NFIP claims data

Erick Valesco-Reyes (visiting student from Tohoku University): gradual recovery of the Sendai coast after the 2011 tsunami

Mohammed Alshamlan (Masters student in Mechanical Engineering)

Adna Saed (undergraduate in Civil Engineering)